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The digital economy is booming and your potential to earn an extraordinary income as an affiliate marketer without having to cold call, knock on doors or follow up with leads, is limitless. Watch the complimentary digital lifestyle videos and start your digital life.

Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek
Have mentored thousands of students in online marketing & strategy since 2006
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  • Learn to work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection! (aka 'The Laptop Lifestyle')
  • Listen to our mentors Stuart & Jay describe in detail how they gave up their regular jobs and have earn't millions as 'digital entrepreneurs'!
  • Access proven online marketing skills to create a profitable digital business or to greatly improve your existing one.
  • Learn actual business models used by top 3% entrepreneurs and start earning online within 2-6 weeks.

If you think this sounds like another 'get rich quick on the internet' program - You'd be very wrong. This will take dedication, focus and consistency to achieve the results your desire. It is going to be a real business that you own, grow and profit from. And that doesn't just happen by pressing a button or signing up to a list. If you think it is that easy, then quite simply, this is not for you.

What other's are saying...

Because of the SFM system, we are able to travel the world and live a (digital) lifestyle that most people would deem impossible until retirement age!

Greg & Fiona Scott

The training provided is world class. Whether you want the best skills to promote your own business or learn how to be a successful affiliate. This training is an absolute must.

Liam Kearney
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